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Discover our truck-mounted concrete Mixers

CAS (Concrete Agitator Screw)

At Gicalla we haved designed full equipment specially indicated to be mounted on regular building trucks and ensure the quick transport of big amounts of concrete without problems of stability losses in the discharging and without curing risk.

  • Filling the concrete box in a plant in a much faster way than on a conventional concrete mixer.

  • Activate a stirring mechanism which ensures that the product will remain homogeneous and will not set during transport.

  • Stabilise the vehicle when unloading, adjusting the unloading height to the application hoppers.hidr

  • Take advantage of the stripper system to quickly discharge more than 70% of the load before tilting the equipment.

  • Weight 4.800 Kg

Stripper-Discharger System

  • The described scraper propeller, consisting of a shaft and a set of spiral blades with variable radii welded to it, is a dismountable assembly.

  • In its lower part (where the spirals have a larger diameter) the shaft has a circular crown-shaped end with housings for the insertion of screws.

  • In its upper part, closest to the rear unloading hatch, the axle has a smaller diameter end than the rest of its length in order to fit tightly to the rear support fixed to the load box itself.

Special Curved Tilting Bodywork

  • This is a truck superstructure consisting of a special curved tipper body with hydraulic rear hatch and self-opening and self-closing aluminium top flaps.

  • A hydraulic vibrator is fitted at the bottom to prevent the load from sticking to the walls.

  • This tipper is mounted on a subframe whose wedge-shaped rear part allows the tipper to tilt relative to a point at a higher height.


Mining Concrete Mixer

  • Weight of the complete equipment approx: 3.300 Kg

  • Approximate water tank: 425 litres

  • Reduction Gear: GICALLA 71.000 Nm.

  • Hydraulic pump and motor EATON 54.

  • Atmospheric cooled auxiliary engine brand DEUTZ modelo FL4914.

  • Colour of paint chosen by the customer.

  • Access platform on the left-hand side fitted with a skirting board.

  • Washing hose at the top (catwalk) and at the rear of the machine.

  • Operating controls at the rear of the vehicle.

  • Cooling system with oil-filled radiator and forced-air cooling.

  • Double manual loading entrance on the side of the drum.

  • Concrete discharge hopper with hydraulic opening and closing system.

  • Swivel and folding rear chute.

  • Metal mudguards.

  • EXCLUSIVE Gicalla warranty

Equipment Dimensions


1.900 mm


2.500 mm + 250 mm for mudguards


6.400 mm

GICALLA has designed a concrete mixer concept integrating the lightest and most resistant materials with the latest technology in the sector. The result is HM, a machine designed for work in confined spaces with little space.


The HM Mining Concrete Mixer incorporates numerous technological innovations making it one of the most profitable machines on the market.


GH LAB – Concrete testing machine (laboratory)

GICALLA has created a scale model of a concrete mixer for research and development of new products.

The new GICALLA GH LAB has a generic volume of 129 litres and a mixing volume of 55 litres. Its wide mobility comes thanks to its small size and its weight of 200 kg is ideal for companies in the sector that seek to optimise resources through its R+D+i department.


  • It consists of a rotating drum (called a bottle) with an internal helicoid (blades) that performs the functions of kneading the material.

  • The equipment has material loading and unloading hopper systems, together with a rotating chute, ready for the customer to fit a material supply and collection system.

  • The machine is mounted on a frame that provides rigidity to the assembly and is associated with a frequency variator to regulate the rotation speed from 0 to 15 rpm.

  • The bottle has two supports at its ends which allow it to rotate. At one end there are two tangential supports called “rollers” and at the other end there is a support by means of a plate which is coupled to a bearing bracket.

  • There is also a control panel for controlling the movements at the operator’s station, located on the side of the machine. They have a push button for loading, unloading, stop, speed regulator, emergency stop and reset button.

  • In order to keep the operator and the control panel isolated from the rest of the machine, it is fitted with an acrylic mat partition.


PMH-12 (Natural Stone Manufacturing Plant)

The GICALLA PMH-12 wears and rounds any type of aggregate through its rotation system, achieving an optimum result focused on certain sectors of construction and decoration. Its advanced technology allows the treatment and manufacture of all types of aggregates, marble, natural stone and high quality washed aggregates.

By means of its calibre selector, the GICALLA PMH-12 has the capacity to produce rounded natural stones of different sizes and colours, providing a very diversified offer in such an innovative and demanding sector as decoration and construction.

  • Volume: 12m3

  • Hydraulic equipment GICALLA. Engrase centralizado.

  • Forced cooling with double radiator.

  • 125 kW electric motor.

  • Control panel with specific details of operation.

  • Frequency inverter

  • Tubular chassis that absorbs torsion and therefore omits vibrations and noise.

  • The optional Gauge Selector accessory allows the production of natural stone according to the desired size.

  • EC type-approval according to Royal Decree 1435/97.


Marine Applications Concrete Mixer

Marine concrete mixers are conventional concrete mixers on a bed with an auxiliary engine.

They combine technology and mobility to obtain the best results in seabed works.


  • Exclusive design bottle GICALLA 5mm STRENX 700.

  • 4mm manganese steel wear resistant blades STRENX 700.

  • 4, 6 and 8mm steel structure STRENX 700.

  • 650 litre pressurised water tank.

  • Reduction gear GICALLA 71.2

  • Hydraulic pump and motor SERIES 23 GICALLA.

  • Rotational speed from 0 to 20 r.p.m.

  • Torsion-absorbing tubular chassis to prevent vibration and noise.

  • DEUTZ model FL4914 auxiliary engine with atmospheric cooling.

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